About Me 

NAME: Kelsey Cassman 

LOCATION: Jacksonville, FL. 

PREFERS: Tea to coffee. Morning to Night. Spring. Pastels. Natural over glam. Consignment stores. Pedicures over manicures. Fresh flowers. Brunch dates. Will never say no to mimosas. 

I started a blog in 2016 after the birth of my second child. I was a young mother who needed a creative outlet. I had recently finished my B.S. degree in Nutrition and dietetics and needed a place to share my passion for food, photography, and my life adventures as a mommy. 


These days you can find me writing about the good life, while eating avocado toast, rocking a messy bun, and balancing my creative/delicious passions while tending to my three little minis. 


What else am I up to other than blogging and changing diapers? I work with private nutrition clients to help them lose weight and feel their best, and I am a freelance photographer and writer! I have over 6 years of marketing experience and enjoy making things look pretty, challenging myself, and spending time with my family.  

Thanks for stopping by, I'm so excited you are here!