20 Minute Christmas Minis 


November 30th 8am-11am

Tis the season for your annual family photos! I grew up in a family with seven children and I remember our holiday photo sessions so vividly. My parents never owned a digital camera so my mother took the photos and prayed that she had at least captured one photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling when she had the photos developed. These family photo sessions always lasted about 20 minutes before the whole crew was protesting that our family photo session was over! If you have siblings, I am sure you can relate. I never in a million years thought I would love photography so much and look forward to these moments when I can a capture that once a year Christmas photo. My mother was rarely in the pictures because she was always behind the camera. I want families to have everyone in the frame and to enjoy these special moments. Photography is an investment that never stops giving. When your memory begins to fade, photos keep these special moments alive. I hope you look back on these photos years down the road, smile, and remember how truly blessed you are. I am looking forward to working with you! 



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