I Need a Drink...

February 6, 2019


I'm not talking about wine, although with three little ones keeping me busy, some days a mid-morning glass doesn't sound like a bad idea! I am always on a mission to find ways to eliminate sugar without completely depriving my kids of meal time fun and excitement. It's hard to compete with the cool looking capri sun the kid is drinking across my son's school lunchroom table. However, fusion waters have been a hit with our little babes and my postpartum waist is loving them too! Our daughter spent this afternoon making fusion waters for her big brother, and we ended up drinking all of them before he got home for school, ha! Are they really that good? Yes, yes they are!




 According to guidelines, children and women should consume less than 25g of sugar per day. This would explain why my kids are bouncing off the ceiling after a visit to their grandparent's house! You never truly understand the consequences of a sugar high until you have to round up multiple kids to get out the door or into bed. Dropping the sugar dominated drinks and switching to fusion waters has resulted in a hydrated and happier mom and little babes. 



 Do you drink fruit infused water? What is your favorite recipe?!








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